How To De-Tacky Valentines Day

February 12, 2016

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Pink plastic hearts, red nosed teddy bears, grocery store flowers, and cheap chocolate are the images that come to mind when thinking of Valentines Day. However- it is a day to celebrate love, whether it is your S/O, your Pal(entines) or your Gal(entines), and of course above all- your self! Read on for tips on how to make this day less tacky and more sophisticated, elegant, and fun!

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1. Flowers- and lot's of em! Don't settle for grocery store flowers that will last 24 hours- head to the florist (my favorite local one? Central Square Florist). Load up on tulips, babies breath, ranunculus, daisies, roses, whatever suits you!

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2. Quality Lingerie- take a step away from the classic black and steer clear of over the top red. Light greys and blush tones will do the trick. (Bonus points if your undies match!) Lingerie isn't just for the ladies in relationships- everyone should treat themselves to underwear that makes them feel good. To me, this is the most important part of any wardrobe.

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3. Buy your favorite quality chocolates, or from a local chocolatier (I opted for Ghiradelli). But don't stop there. Cover up the garish box with contact paper. My choice? Marble contact paper (I think I'm addicted), however- there are all different types of contact paper- and I can see a metallic variety being stunning. Or- use spray paint! Chalkboard paint and a chalk message, metallic spray paint, etc!

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4. Be sure to love yourSELF. Treat yourself! Whether to some new records, a new dress, a latte, a manicure- whatever!

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5. Write hand written Valentines for all of your friends! Seal em in envelopes with washi tape and filled with confetti. Nothing says love like a handwritten note! (Images above are the ones I sent out!)

What are your tips to De-Tacky valentines day- comment below!

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