How To Crochet a Cowl for the Men in your Life- quick and easy!

February 24, 2016

Men's Crochet Cowl on

I actually gave this cowl to Andrew for Christmas- so I am a little late posting. This cowl is squashy, cozy, and so so warm. It was so quick to whip up, too! This cowl is perfect for men and ladies (I keep stealing it from him...), but totally male approved in such a sophisticated color, and compared to many other cowl stitches. While this is a very informal tutorial- I thought I would share a little how to so you can make one too!

Boy Friendly Cowl on

Crochet a Cowl for the Men in your life on

Yarn; Lion Brand, Wool Ease Thick and Quick
Hook; 8 mm (size L)

How To;
Crochet a rib stitch!
foundation; ch as many stitches as you want it to be tall
row 1; 1 sc into 2nd st from hook
sc into each chain
row 2; ss into each sc, turn
row 3; ch 1, sc into very back loop
(tilt your work towards ourself to see that loop)
Continue until it is the desired length.
Slip stitch to secure.
And you are done! Easy peasy.

Unisex Ribbed Crochet Cowl on

Men's Crochet Cowl on

Thick, Warm, Quick and Easy Men's Cowl on

(My edges are a little messy so if anyone has any tips on how to keep those straight, I would love to hear it!) Leave and questions or comments below!

PLUS; biggest thanks to my boyfriend, Andrew, for braving -12 degree weather in Maine (on top of a windy mountain) to pose for these photos! Plus being so damn photogenic. Although, I guess the scarf kept him warm! Ha!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pattern! I have been looking for a man-friendly crochet project for a while. This looks ideal! And will save my poor boyfriend having to wear homemade mittens all winter. :)


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