Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How To Crochet a Cowl for the Men in your Life- quick and easy!

Men's Crochet Cowl on

I actually gave this cowl to Andrew for Christmas- so I am a little late posting. This cowl is squashy, cozy, and so so warm. It was so quick to whip up, too! This cowl is perfect for men and ladies (I keep stealing it from him...), but totally male approved in such a sophisticated color, and compared to many other cowl stitches. While this is a very informal tutorial- I thought I would share a little how to so you can make one too!

Boy Friendly Cowl on

Crochet a Cowl for the Men in your life on

Yarn; Lion Brand, Wool Ease Thick and Quick
Hook; 8 mm (size L)

How To;
Crochet a rib stitch!
foundation; ch as many stitches as you want it to be tall
row 1; 1 sc into 2nd st from hook
sc into each chain
row 2; ss into each sc, turn
row 3; ch 1, sc into very back loop
(tilt your work towards ourself to see that loop)
Continue until it is the desired length.
Slip stitch to secure.
And you are done! Easy peasy.

Unisex Ribbed Crochet Cowl on

Men's Crochet Cowl on

Thick, Warm, Quick and Easy Men's Cowl on

(My edges are a little messy so if anyone has any tips on how to keep those straight, I would love to hear it!) Leave and questions or comments below!

PLUS; biggest thanks to my boyfriend, Andrew, for braving -12 degree weather in Maine (on top of a windy mountain) to pose for these photos! Plus being so damn photogenic. Although, I guess the scarf kept him warm! Ha!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Oona's Street Art

Oonas Photos

As promised, here is a photo of the art that I modeled for outside of Oona's in Harvard Square. Check out Oona's for quality Vintage and Modern, Men's and Women's clothing and accessories. If you missed my recaps from the photo shoots, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Oona's is located in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA.
Visit them here;
1210 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138
Not local?
Visit them online HERE.

Photos on posters by Lauren O'Neil
visit here website HERE.
and follow her Instagram HERE.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Boston's Best Cannoli; North End Cannoli Tour

Boston Best Cannoli Tour on

Valentine's Day weekend was a dream. It was also mine and Andrews one year anniversary! Saturday he brought me to my favorite flower shops and bought me flowers and then surprised me with dinner at taberno de Haro (tapas and Spanish wine- yum!). But Sunday was my day to plan. It started with a boudoir shoot (view that here) and then I surprised him with a cannoli tour in Boston's North end. We went to the three most popular bakery's and had a taste test. Read on to find out which cannoli is Boston's Best!

Marias Cannoli on

Maria's is the quietest of all three and also the smallest. They had the humblest set up of the three places. They had three varieties (plain, chocolate dipped- we got, and chocolate covered). This was the medium sized one of the three. This was my favorite of the three. And in my option, the filling was the perfect level of sweet, it was creamy and thick, and the shell wasn't too crunchy or too soft.

Modern Cannoli Box in Boston on

Modern Cannoli in Boston on

After speaking to two north end born and raised Italian men, they said this was their favorite and the most traditional. Probably the most charming decor and not too busy. They also had the string hanging from the ceiling used to tie the boxes ( I don't know why I'm so obsessed with that). This was Andrews favorite. This was the smallest one. The shell was a bit too hard in my opinion. However, they fill the cannolis to order which I found so awesome.

Mikes Pastry Box on

Mikes Pastry on

The biggest of the cannoli's. Also probably the sweetest (maybe too sweet). This is definitely the biggest location for tourists, and the most well known. They had a huge variety of flavors, ranging from the chocolate chip (which we got) to Oreo to pistachio to fruit flavors. I think the variety is so fun! I love the way the string hangs from the ceiling and the fast paced nature of this shop. Not the most traditional but definitely the most variety.

Drinks at Caffe Vittoria on

North End Cannoli Tour on

-Don't take my word for it; try all three!

-Head to Cafe Vittoria for a coffee drink. 
Fun fact; I had never had a coffee drink until then.
I ordered the cafe mocha and I loved it!
That's where the photo was taken-
however you can't eat outside food there.
Kind of a bummer, but that Caffe Mocha was so worth it!

-We ended up going back to mikes to eat the cannoli's 
(out of a mikes box so no one noticed- 
although it's so busy they definitely wouldn't anyway).

-Head to dinner at Vinoteca Di Monica! 
This is my favorite restaurant in the north end-
they still make their own pasta (a lot of places use boxed- boo!),
and the flourless chocolate cake is to die for.

-Bring cash! Most of these places only take cash.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

For Love and Lemons Boudoir

For Love and Lemons Shoot on

(Outfit Details; bra, undies, garter, For Love and Lemons for Free People. stockings, Free People. petals, T.

Valentines Day Morning, bed head, flowers Andrew bought for me that I assembled into a bouquet, and the For Love and Lemons 'Juliette Set' from Free People. Pure self love.

Handmade Floral Bouquet on

For Love and Lemons Boudoir Shoot on

Love the skin you are in on

Lingerie and Flowers on

Ranunculus, Anemones, Babies Breath, and Seeded Eucalyptus on

For Love and Lemons Intimates Shoot on

For Love and Lemons for Free People shoot on

Anemone and Ranunculus Bouquet on

For Love and Lemons Juliette Set on

For Love and Lemons, Free People, and Flowers on

Juliette Bra from For Love and Lemons

Valentines Day Bouquet on

Handmade Valentines Day Bouquet on

Sheer Grey Stockings from Free People on

Juliette Bra from For Love and Lemons

The moment when you realize that you truly love yourself in and out, is such a good feeling. When you feel truly beautiful and confident, when the person photographing you loves you inside and out, (when you've got a lingerie set that literally has your name on it), when you have got a handful of your favorite flowers, when you realize that even though you aren't textbook perfect- you have got a strong, healthy, capable, beautiful body. I love myself and I hope you all love yourselves.

(Photos by Andrew)

Friday, February 12, 2016

How To De-Tacky Valentines Day

braids, manbuns, flowers, and Valentines Day on

Celebrate Galentines Day on

Flowers for Valentines day on

Tulips on

Heart made of Rose Petals on

Pink plastic hearts, red nosed teddy bears, grocery store flowers, and cheap chocolate are the images that come to mind when thinking of Valentines Day. However- it is a day to celebrate love, whether it is your S/O, your Pal(entines) or your Gal(entines), and of course above all- your self! Read on for tips on how to make this day less tacky and more sophisticated, elegant, and fun!

Roses on

Ranunculus on

Ranunculus on

1. Flowers- and lot's of em! Don't settle for grocery store flowers that will last 24 hours- head to the florist (my favorite local one? Central Square Florist). Load up on tulips, babies breath, ranunculus, daisies, roses, whatever suits you!

Silver and Grey For Love and Lemons Lingerie instead of red for valentines day on

blush toned bralettes on

2. Quality Lingerie- take a step away from the classic black and steer clear of over the top red. Light greys and blush tones will do the trick. (Bonus points if your undies match!) Lingerie isn't just for the ladies in relationships- everyone should treat themselves to underwear that makes them feel good. To me, this is the most important part of any wardrobe.

Marble Chocolate Box DIY on

Transform a Grocery store Box of Chocolates with one simple step! on

De-Tacky Valentines Day with this chocolate box transformation on

3. Buy your favorite quality chocolates, or from a local chocolatier (I opted for Ghiradelli). But don't stop there. Cover up the garish box with contact paper. My choice? Marble contact paper (I think I'm addicted), however- there are all different types of contact paper- and I can see a metallic variety being stunning. Or- use spray paint! Chalkboard paint and a chalk message, metallic spray paint, etc!

Love yourself with records on valentines day on

Love yourself this valentines day on

4. Be sure to love yourSELF. Treat yourself! Whether to some new records, a new dress, a latte, a manicure- whatever!

Handwritten Valentines For All Your Best Friends On

Silver Envelopes, Washi Tape and Confetti for Valentines Day on

5. Write hand written Valentines for all of your friends! Seal em in envelopes with washi tape and filled with confetti. Nothing says love like a handwritten note! (Images above are the ones I sent out!)

What are your tips to De-Tacky valentines day- comment below!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

DIY Ombre Dried Flower Wall

How to make your own Ombre Dried Flower Wall on

DIY Ombre Dried Flower Wall on

DIY Flower Wall on

DIY Wildflower Wall on

After posting a few Instagram's and my blog post about Donuts and Flowers I have recieved SO many questions and tutorial requests on how to make a dried flower wall. How to hang them, how to dry them, etc. I made my first dried flower wall years and years ago in high school on my bedroom wall. I would pick flowers from my mothers massive gardens as well as wildflowers when I was out on trail runs and then I would hang them up to dry (or press them in a giant dictionary). This past spring and summer, I would always get leftover flowers from weddings and photo shoots and Andrew was constantly bringing me my favorite peonies and garden roses. My desk was constantly like a garden. I started hanging the flowers up all over my room and then I realized that I should make another flower wall (I was also running out of space and had a giant wall that needed decorating). Then I moved from my apartment back to a dorm, and reassembled my wall in a slightly different way so as to not damage the wall. I realized I actually do have a lot of information to share on how to make a dried flower wall. Read on for a DIY tutorial on how to dry flowers and how to display them!

How To Instantly Transform your Decor with Dried Flowers on

How To Preserve Flowers and Make a Dried Flower Wall on

How to dry and preserve flowers;
-My biggest tip; remove the flowers from water before they start dying.
-If a flower starts to die and turn brown while it is in water,
it will start to rot and smell- definitely not something you want for your wall!
-Once the flowers open up and are at peak remove them from the water,
recut the stem.
-Lay flat or hang to dry. Ideally, hang so it does not flatten at all.
-How to choose flowers? In my ombre wall it is
primarily peonies and garden roses and regular roses. However,
in my wall at home it is a huge variety.
Sunflowers, and babies breath all dry really well.

How To Hang Dried Flowers on

How to hang;
-(second photo + 1 above)
-Around the stem of the flower, use white thread, and tie a double knotted bow,
the loops will help!
-Tie right below a leaf or any irregularity in the stem-
this helps keeps the tie in place instead of sliding right off.
-I used clear tacks on my wall and hung the loops from the tacks.
-I had them hung all mismatched and as my collection grew,
I organized them from dark to light to create the ombre pattern.

Dried Flower Wall on

Dried Flower Wall without damaging your walls on

How to hang without damaging the walls;
-(first photo + 2 above)
-Around the stem of the flower, use white thread, and tie a double knotted bow,
the loops will help!
-Tie right below a leaf or any irregularity in the stem-
this helps keeps the tie in place instead of sliding right off.
-In a dorm room you can't use tacks or nails, as well as in many apartments.
-I put six command hooks up, three left and three right.
-Tie a white string to one on the left, pull tight
(so it does not sag too much with the weight of the flowers)
and secure to the hook on the right.
-Tie the thread on the flowers to the thread on the command hooks.
-To make it not look too horizontally linear I tied the flowers and mismatched heights
and hung the flowers of different lengths sporadically.

DIY Dried Flower Wall on

And that's it! Pretty simple. My favorite way to make a space more natural and relaxed yet so sophisticated and unique. Leave any questions in the comments!