Green Fashion at NYFW

October 18, 2019

Vintage and Sustainable Fashion on

(outfit details; turtleneck, thrifted Ann Taylor. bag, Kozha Numbers. sunglasses old Celine via The Real Real. shorts, Vintage. belt, Vintage. shoes, Tevas. hoops, Machete)

New York Fashion Week Street Style on

Euphoria Inspired Glitter Eye Makeup on

green turtleneck for fall on

Vintage Freen Outfit on

Old Celine on

Green for Fall on

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion on

Did I wear a vintage silk turtleneck in 90ยบ weather? YUP!

Also, clearly obsessed with the color green, and puns apparently. Because while this outfit is literally green, it is also green in the sense that it is sustainable and ethical. Most of it is vintage or secondhand. The Kozha Numbers bag is ethically/sustainably made in Portland OR.

I purchased these Teva's on a whim after seeing them on the Olsen Oracle Instagram account, because Mary Kate has them... consider me influenced. I looked up Sustainability on the Teva site, and it turns out they are actually taking serious strides (okay, another pun, stop, Juliette) towards sustainability. They also publish in depth information about this on their site.

Also, clearly very influenced by Euphoria with this glitter eye look. The glitter is Glossier Play

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