Americana Inspired Fourth of July Summer Fruit and Cheese Board + Rose Sangria Popsicles

July 27, 2016

Fourth of July Fruit and Cheese Plate on

Fourth of July Fruit and Cheese Plate on

Fruit and Cheese Plate DIY Tutorial on

As you all know by now; I could live off of fruit and cheese plates. They are the perfect addition to any summer gathering, picnics, cookouts, beach trips, you name it. I assembled this fruit and cheese board for a Fourth of July Cookout I went to. Read on for the how to plus bonus recipe; Rose Sangria Popsicles!

-I included a hard cheese, a semi soft, and a soft cheese.
-I cut the a block of cheddar length wise to make two skinnier blocks,
then I cut stars into the cheddar (saved the excess for weekday snacks).
-For semi soft I used Saint Andre, similar to Brie but with a slightly firmer texture.
-And for soft I used goat cheese.

-Fresh, Dried, and since this was a cookout, Grilled.
-For Fresh I picked Strawberries and Blueberries. Patriotic AF and seasonal.
-For dried I sprinkled dried cranberries over the goat cheese. (so yum!)
-For grilled I used pineapples cut into stars;
I cut the top and bottom off of a pineapple. Sliced off the sides,
then cut into slices. Then cut each into stars. Which I then grilled.
I served some on the board, and extras on skewers.

I served on my stunning stone slab. I purchased it from Boston Public Market from American Stone Craft, they use locally sourced stones. Seriously one-of-a-kind beautiful pieces.

Fruit and Cheese Plate DIY Tutorial on

How To; Americana Inspired Fruit and Cheese Plate on

rose and sangria popsicles on

Rose Sangria Popsicles.

Nicole, who hosted this cookout also made some Rose Sangria Popsicles,
and they were so cute that I just had to share.

Your favorite Rose.
Fresh fruit of your choice.
Lemon and Lime Juice.

Put the ingredients in a popsicle mold and freeze over night!

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