DIY Moon and Moon Phase Shirts (plus three free printable designs!)

January 2, 2015

click through for DIY Moon Shirts with Free Printables! on

If you saw this post, this one, or this one, you would have seen one of three DIY Moon Shirts (above) I designed and made. The image of the moon is a photo that I shot last summer during the super moon. (I used this image to photoshop the phases) I love the idea of wearing my own photography, and I love the idea of sharing that with you! Read on for the tutorial, as well as three free printable images!

Moon Phase Shirt Printable on

Moon Phase Shirt Printable on

DIY Moon Shirt with free Printable Design on

What you will need;
Black Cotton Tee Shirts
Printer Transfer Paper
One of three Infinite Style Free Downloadable Printable Moon Images;
Large Moon Phase (print two)

What To Do;
Download one of three free Infinite Style Moon Printables.
Print the image on the transfer paper.
(Be sure to use the proper printer for your paper)
The Single Moon and Small Moon Phase each use one sheet.
If you do the Large Moon Phase image you will need to print two copies.
Cut around the edges and peel off the backing.
For the moon phase designs be sure to cut around each individual moon.
Iron image to shirt according to the directions on the package.
For the large moon phase, be sure to arrange the moons properly.
I used simple mens Hanes black T-shirts.
I then cut them into tee's and tanks to give them a better silhouette.
I also finished the necklines, the arm holes, and the hems with my sewing machine.

Moon Phase Shirt DIY on

(Above photo by Katrina Gaddis)

Moon Phase Shirt DIY on

Moon Shirt DIY on

If you decide to make one, send me a photo of it!

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  1. thanks for sharing your photo! i am obsessed with the moon and i painted my own version of the lunar phases... now i think i am to do the photo transfer! <3 btw, i loooooooove your new white hair! that is another thing i want to do!

  2. This is an awesome DIY! So cool to use your own photo.


  3. Great DIY!
    Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2015

  4. Brilliant! :) I love it.

  5. Brilliant! I love it :)

  6. loving the idea! gotta try it asap. ;)

  7. great DIY , thanks for sharing
    check out my blog

  8. Besides having a certain printer, is there a certain ink cartridge to use as well?


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