Mini Metallic Christmas Tree DIY

December 25, 2014

Mini Metallic Christmas Trees on

I love the look of bottle brush trees. They are so fun, perfect little holiday decor additions. Instead of the typical green or neon, I decided on metallic. I also decided on a sort of multi tonal metallic. From the top they are silver, from below they are gold, and from head on they are a mix. This is the quickest and easy bottle brush tree tutorial out there. They are perfect for creating winter scenes, ornaments, tablescapes and dressing up your Christmas decor!

Mini Metallic Tree DIY on

Mini Metallic Bottle Brush Tree DIY on

Silver and Gold Metallic Trees on

What You Will Need;
Metallic Spray Paint
(I used metallic silver and gold)
Glove (so you do not paint your hands)

What to Do;
I love the multi toned metallic look. 
To achieve this, hold your trees upside down with your gloved hand, 
so the points are down and the bases are up.
Using gold, spray them at a downward angle.
So just the undersides are coated in gold.
Let dry.
Flip the trees over, so they are right side up. 
Using Silver, spray downward.
So just the topsides are coated in silver.
Repeat if necessary.
Be sure to paint outside or in a well ventilated space.

(I say wear gloves because I did not and THIS happened)

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