Christmas Tree Decorated With Dried Oranges, Popcorn, and a Cinnamon Star

December 22, 2014

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As my Mum and I were decorating our family tree one night, I mentioned how I couldn't wait to have my own tree. Dreaming about the ways I would decorate it, with elements from nature as well as all of the beautiful ornaments I saw at Anthropologie and West Elm. The next morning I woke up to this tree. She cut it down while walking the dogs and put it in a bucket with dirt for me. I have the sweetest, most thoughtful, and kind hearted Mum! To learn how I decorated, read on!

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First, I spray painted the base gold. To make the Popcorn Garland I simply popped some popcorn and used a needle and thread. To make the Dried Orange Garland I dehydrated oranges and used a needle and thread to string them as well. (4-12 hours at 135F in the dehydrator). For the Cinnamon Star I used hot glue to secure three cinnamon sticks together and tied them to the top branch with more sewing thread.

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I love the unpredictable shapes of the popcorn, and the way the light shines through the oranges. This tree smells truly wonderful!


  1. too gorgeous! I love the oranges <3

  2. this is just too cute!

    xx nikki

  3. That looks like a yummy Christmas tree ;) hihi! Merry Christmas!!

    xxx Linsey from

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