Oven Dried Orange Slices

December 23, 2017

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I am pretty obsessed with decorating with dried oranges around the holidays! Incorporated onto wreaths, strung on trees, tied on gifts, you name it! They also make great garnishes! I used to have a dehydator so drying fruit was pretty easy. Now that I don't, I did it in the oven. Which turned out to be just as easy! The smell of the oranges drying is incredible. It makes your whole house smell like CHRISTMAS. That + eucalyptus + pine. So luxourious. Not only do they look whimiscal and beautiful, but they are eco friendly too! I love decorating with biodegradable materials. Rather than tinsel that you use once and that will never decompose. A step towards concious living. Read on for my tutorial on Oven Dried Orange Slices and how I string them into Garland!

DIY Dried Oranges on juliettelaura.blogspot.com

I used navel, but you could use any kind of citrus!
A baking sheet
parchment paper
Bakers Twine (for Garland!)
A Yarn Needle

How To;
Preheat your oven to 185
Line your baking sheet with parchment paper
Slice the oranges to 1/8-1/4 inch thickness.
Bake for about 4 hours.
Flip half way through.
How to tell they are done?
They will no longer be sticky!

Dried Orange Slice Garland;
Measure the distance that you want your garland to span and double that.
Cut the bakers twine at this length.
Thread the bakers twine onto the yarn needle.
Thread on the dried orange slices one at a time.
Knot the yarn as you go to keep it in place.
Hang and enjoy!

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Dried Orange Slices on juliettelaura.blogspot.com

DIY Dried Orange Slices on juliettelaura.blogspot.com

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