Three Ingredient Raw Vegan Brownies DIY

July 18, 2014




Say hello to the most delicious Three Ingredient Raw Vegan Brownies. You can kiss your boxed brownies goodbye because so-long are the days where those are considered convenient. Not only are these brownies so easy to make (like three ingredients + a food processor, and that's it) they are SO delicious and healthy, you will never want to waste your time or calories on a baked brownie again. These are fudgey and gooey with a wonderful complex chocolate flavor. And made with Raw Cacao (packed with antioxidants), Walnuts (full of essential Omega-3 fatty acids), Medjool Dates (easily digested and packed with vitamins), these brownies are nutrient dense. They are Raw (keeping all those health benefits in tact), Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo. Read on to figure out how to make your own.

1 cup Organic Medjool Dates
1 cup Organic Walnuts
1/2 cup Organic Raw Cacao Powder

-Blend all ingredients together in your food processor.
-A large ball will form, break apart and blend once more until fully incorporated.
-Press into a plastic wrap lined pan.
-(I use an 8x8, but you can use whatever, a tupperware container, anything)
-Refrigerate for atleast an hour, and enjoy!

Because these are so simple you can dress them up in any way, throw in some peppermint extract, or coconut, or almonds, or dip in some Raw Vegan Chocolate, or smear on some homemade peanut butter. 

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  1. yummy

  2. Yum! looking forward to testing out this recipe. Thanks!

    Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate,

    --The Charcoal Alley Team

    PARIS //
    instagram: @CharcoalAlley

  3. This is totally brilliant and I can't wait to try it. My only question, I'm not a big date fan. I assume the coco covers most of the flavor but can you taste a lot of date?

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  4. been wanting to try vegan brownies! pinning this recipe

  5. YUM. The brownies, and you! Tagged you my pretty xo


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