Roshambo Series // Free People

August 5, 2013

Hello lovelies! As I'm sure you all know, my obsession with Free People is out of hand, I just love the brand so much, I plan (yes I say plan not dream or hope) to work for them when I am out of college. I have been waiting intently for the third and final Roshambo installment to drop, and it finally has today! I've posted all three in case you need a refresher, the newest is at the bottom, but if you haven't seen the others, do watch!

Aren't they just beautiful? I think they are lovely. What do you think? Are you Free People crushing as much as I am? Also, love the styles you see? Well there is Free Shipping Over $100 at! So definitely head over there! I know I am!

xo, Stay Infinite


  1. i've never shopped at free people - we don't have stores here in ireland, but these videos are just beautiful! it's making me want to buy everything online now!!!!

  2. love xx

  3. yes they are so so gorgeous babe! x

    Natalie Off Duty

  4. These are so charming!

  5. I'm obsessed with this series! The last one just came out I believe. I also love the video featuring Daisy Lowe.

    Arushi //

    1. yup! It did, I posted it :)
      And oh my goodness me as well! So beautiful!

  6. I love Free People too, just enough boho/chic for me!! and you're so lucky to live in Boston, I loved it there when I went... I think Boston >> New York for sure but that may be because of all the seafood and sunshine whereas when I went to NY it was grey and rainy the entire time?! regardless I'm super jealous you get to live there!!

  7. Thank you for featuring our Roshambo Series! We love your post!


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