June 29, 2014

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Happy Birthday to my beautiful photographer Katrina. We haven't been friends for long, but we've become so close so fast. Until now, I've never met someone who; appreciates a good donut as much as a good salad as I do, or someone who (not only puts up with me but) is right there with me taking 10 minutes to photograph a meal or a flower (regardless of where we are) and 4 hours to edit it all for Instagram, or who understands what "I found a wall" means, or who is as honest (blunt) as I am, or who is up for doing crazy things for photos with me (waking up at 4 am to not only catch the sunrise but to have a photoshoot in the sunrise, impromtu midnight parking garage shoot, the list goes on). Thanks for not only being an incredible photographer but for being a wonderful friend! Happy Birthday love!


  1. Wow, I thought you cut your hair for a minute! She's so pretty! Love her hair... Which reminds me I need a new haircut ASAP!


  2. she's gorgeous!




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