Cape Sunrises

June 25, 2014

sunrise 1

(Outfit Details; dress, Urban Outfitters)

sunrise 2

sunrise 3

sunrise 4

sunrise 5

sunrise 6

sunrise 7

sunrise 8

sunrise 9

sunrise 10

sunrise 11

sunrise 12

sunrise 13

sunrise 14

sunrise 15

sunrise 16

I love the shape-less-shape, the square neckline, and the bell sleeves of this dress that all remind me of Winona Ryder in Reality Bites meets Stevie Nicks meets fairy meets Urban Outfitters perfection that I had been lusting over for quite a while when I received it for Christmas (thanks mum & dad!), I've been waiting for quite some time to show you all this beauty, waiting for the proper photo-op. Woke up at 4 am to take these, rolled out of bed, threw on the dress, quickly did my makeup, this explains the full-on evident bed head.

I love sunrises, everything is still and calm, the sun slowly rises, more and more colorful and bright, until it bursts across the whole sky, the calm glassy water reflects everything clearly. We should all see more sunrises (We should also be barefoot more often).

Photos taken on Oyster Harbors Island in Osterville on the Cape by Katrina Gaddis (because who else would wake up with me not only to see the sunrise but to have a photo shoot in the sunrise)



  1. LOVE these images! The sky looks great and the dress is beautiful!


  2. Amazing pics! :) I can't find the follow button for GFC?

    But maybe you find mine ;) Would be happy if you found the time to stop by :)

    xx Laura from

  3. that dress is gorgeous!


  4. This was the perfect way to shoot this dress. Such great pictures!


  5. Your photos look amazing, just found your blog and love it x

  6. This dress is gorgeous!! And these photos are also really beautiful! Loveee the 4th from the bottom!

    Lauren |

  7. Wow this dress is perfect !!! I'm looking for one like this for soooo long !
    These photos are amaizing you are beautiful !


  8. The light is so gorgeous in these photographs. I'm not surprised your were lusting after that dress, is amazing! The sleeves are ultra dreamy. X


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