Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sneak Peak; of tomorrows DIY

A little sneak peak of what tomorrows DIY looks like...




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Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Blues



A trip to a park with Bridget where we spent years growing up. We took some photos (uhm, please ignore the bags under my eyes), but it is cold cold COLD. I certainly have the winter blues, not only in my outfit pallet choices, but in my mood. I just want spring to hurry up! I love New England, but the winters draaag on.







I was at Goodwill in December looking for ugly christmas sweaters (and yes I did find one!) for a party when I found the sweater I'm wearing (as well as this one and this one). It was four dollars. I love it. Perfect thrift store find.



(Outfit Details; Lace Dress, Forever 21. Sweater, Thrifted. Rings, Forever 21. Belt, HM. Tights... actually not sure.)


Friday, January 25, 2013

Beauty Post

A beauty post. However long, it includes all my little secrets and reasons for the make up I use. Enjoy!

I just about only wear neutrals on my eyes. Greys and browns are sort of my thing (I do have a random palette with like 20 brights from Germany that was sent to me two years ago, but I have hardly used it). For the longest time (okay like two years) I used a random jumble of neutral cover girl shadows.
But more recently I made the leap to higher quality shadow.



I am actually addicted to Urban Decays Naked Palette. I start with the primer that came with it (yes it really does increase staying power!), and then layer on the shadow. With 12 different colors and shades, mattes and shimmers, the combinations are endless. I already want Naked 2.

For eyeliner I use either Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus or Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil. Both are excellent, it really just depends what I can afford at the time.. you know, being a broke college student and all ;). I use dark brown or dark grey, depending on what eye shadow color I am using.  I line above my eyelashes and my waterline.

Recently I purchased Bare Minerals Liner Shadow in Bark. I do not use it often, but mostly for special occasions and for photos. I apply it wet with my liner brush right into the base of my lashes. my lashes are naturally blonde, so even with mascara the very bases do not get covered, this does the trick.


Mascara is my necessity. If I could only wear one product, it would be mascara. I tend to be always trying something new. However, always dark brown (I think it looks more natural with my blonde hair and fair skin), always a rubber brush and always water proof. Currently I am using Cover Girl Lash Exact in Black Brown. Before I apply mascara I curl my eyelashes.

For the past four years, I have been a bare minerals user. Currently it is the only product that i will put on my face (other than my eyes). I had tried countless tinted moisturizers and other mineral makeups and nothing worked for me. Finally I purchased the Bare Minerals Starter Kit (actually I wound up doing this twice, then not using any for a year until I finally decided to start wearing foundation again). More recently I have been using Bare Minerals Matte, although I have two of the limited Deluxe Sizes of the Original. I use fair, the lightest color.


I also use Ready Bronzer, in Skinny Dip, to contour my cheeks, and Ready Luminzer in The Love Affair on the tops of my cheeks to highlight. I also have Ready Touch Up Veil in Translucent.


I have a sort of ridiculous amount of brushes. This is due to Purchasing a starter kit twice, as well as the limited edition set The Dream Team, and a few random free gifts. (Not pictured below are the duplicates that I have an abundance of!)


I tend to be a bit lazy about lips, however as a free gift from Bare Minerals I recieved two lip products. Gloss in Cupcake, and Pretty Amazing Lip Color in Rouge. I am not much of a gloss person (not a fan of the natural look of glosses), this one is quite nice. The Lip Color on the other hand, really is 'Pretty Amazing'. The muted deep red color is perfect as well as the texture. It goes on smooth and lasts! So, I purchased it in Charisma. A peachy pink that I also rather like. It gives a more natural look. I paint my lip color on with a lip brush and dab on some Translucent Touch up veil to set it.


My Grandmother gave me the absolute cutest little set from Elizabeth Arden. Two lip colors, Two eye colors, and a cheek color. Brushes, and a faux leather little case. Perfect for on the go.


Bare Minerals sent me an outstanding number of free gifts, two lip products, mineral veil, two moisturizers, lip brush, and mascara.


Currently Lusting over;
Nars Andy Warhol Edie Set - After this post, its clear that I love Edie, and this set is chock full of products I don't have.
Nars Orgasm Multiple Use Stick -  enough said.
Urban Decay Naked 2 - as previously mentioned.

What are your beauty favorites?


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Hair Necklace


I love hair necklaces, as featured in this post. I had wanted one for a while. They make a boring bun, top knot, or sock bun so special! But I figured, why buy what I can make?
I used this tutorial. And changed things up a bit. Here's what to do;



Chains of varying style, shape, and finish
Jump rings
Wire ( I did use this at first, but eventually decided it was unnecessary)
Hair Comb (I had so much trouble finding one. I finally found one at JoAnn Fabrics!)
Bobby Pin
Wire Cutters

Step One-
Cut your chains at different lengths, a little over half an inch difference will give you the draped look. I bought some chains, but also used two from necklaces that I didn't want anymore.


OLD Step Two-
Use wire to attach the chains to the Hair Comb by wrapping it around. Since making this hair necklace, I have decided it would look nicer, and be easier to just use jump rings to attach the chains.



NEW Step Two:
If like me, you think jump rings would look better, use pliers to attach the jump rings to the hair comb





Step Three-
Use the pliers to attach a jump ring to the other end of the chains.

HairNecklace 2

Step Four-
Put a bobby pin through the jump ring.



And then you are done! Now you have a unique piece that no one else will have!


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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shades of Blue

Pants, HM. Top, Forever 21. Bustier, Aerie. Clutch, Thrifted.


Feather Bracelet, Threadsence. Arrow Bracelet, Threadsence. Ring, Forever 21.
Earrings, Forever21. Earcuff, Mexicali Blues. Hair necklace, DIY.






Collar, Forever21. Sweater, Thrifted. Watch, Urban Outfitters.


Vintage Kodak Brownie that Bridget found in her Grandmothers Attic.




Another day with Bridget, despite winter, it was randomly sort of warm! I'm wearing printed pants, a lace bustier, sheer blouse, my Nine West boots (unfolded), this new clutch I found at a local thrift store for four dollars (!!!), bracelets from Threadsence, rings from Forever 21. Also,  I think I want like a thousand more ear cuffs. A messy top knot and the hair necklace (similarly seen here) I made myself. I will definitely be posting a DIY tutorial in the days to come (so be sure to check back or follow me on Bloglovin'!).


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Goddess Chain Head Wrap DIY


I love the look of chain head wraps and headdresses, however, I have a side part and so the ones that go down the middle and around the sides don't always work for me. I've been working on making styles that look just as glamorous and bohemian as the typical ones. As I wore here.


Here's what you'll need;
Chains (two different finishes or sizes)
wire cutters
3 jump rings
1 lobster clasp


Step One-
Measure around your head with the first chain, to get the perfect length and cut with the wire cutters.

Step Two-
On each end of the chain use the pliers to put on a jump ring, on one end also put a lobster clasp.


Step Three-
Attach the third jump ring on the opposite side (not quite half way) of the chain.


Step Four-
Cut the chain with the opposite finish (in this case the silver) about a little over half an inch longer than the distance between jump rings.

Step Five-
Cut the chain with the same finish (in this case brown) about a little over half an inch longer than the other chain.


Step Six-
Using the pliers connect the two chains onto the jump rings. 


This could be worn with your hair up or down, to add an interesting element to a simple bun or simple waves.