Two Chocolate Desserts

September 16, 2013


It is no secret whatsoever that I absolutely adore dessert with one hundred percent of my soul. Chocolate is one sweet craving that I can't satisfy by just eating a piece of fruit. Here are my two favorite chocolate dessert recipes, one healthy, and one not so much, but way too perfect to pass up. The Raw Brownie, and Guinness Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

The Raw Brownie (My New Roots)
My New Roots does it again! Sarah claims this brownie is life changing, and it really is. It is raw and made with 5 ingredients. And no. Flour, Butter, Chocolate, Sugar and Oil are not any of them. Quite the opposite actually; Medjool Dates, Raw Walnuts, Raw Almonds, Cacoa, and Sea Salt. These brownies make the perfect dessert or post workout snack! They sort of taste like a Luna Bar or a Balance Bar, but worlds better. They are the perfect substitute for unhealthy brownies. Try these. Seriously. 




Chocolate Guinness Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (Bleubird Vintage)
I'll start this by saying I absolutely hate beer. Even the thought of it makes me feel sick. But this cake, as James claims, is something you need in your life. It is honestly the best Chocolate Cake I have ever had. Ever. It is soft, deep in flavor, and oh so delicious. The cream cheese frosting is also absolutely divine! It is so perfect without being overly sweet like the store bought canned stuff. Make this. You'll be happy you did. 




Be sure to check out my DIY; Healthy Chocolate Blender Ice Cream as well! What are your favorite chocolate desserts?

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xo, Stay Infinite


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  2. the desserts look amazing, I'm always such a sucker for sweets lol

  3. Oh my.......... Delicious!

  4. Woah, that brownie looks crazy good.

  5. Ooo, that second one looks so decadent!

  6. Wow!!! I am in love with the brownies!


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