DIY // Healthy Frozen Fruit Slush

September 13, 2013


Hello Lovelies! I want to apologize again for how sporadic my posting has been. My schedule of every other day posting is so important to me, but I have been so busy (& stressed) getting back into the swing of things in Boston. I am having a lovely time back at school, and cannot wait to keep you updated on so many lovely things. It has been rather hot the past few days so to cool down I made the most wonderful frozen fruit treat. I used two ingredients both organic, so this definitely fits into my Clean Living lifestyle. This frozen fruit slush is so fun because it sort of reminds me of one of those sugar filled slushies from the gas station, but healthy! 
Here is the recipe so you can make one yourself (before summer officially ends!);


What You'll Need;
Organic Fruit of your choice.
(I used organic valencia oranges, and organic
blueberries from a local farmers market)
Food Processor or powerful Blender
Ice Cube Tray
Jar (I used a standard 1 pint size)

Place fruit (each type individually) in processor and blend untill pureed.
Pour fruit puree into an ice cube tray.
Freeze fruit cubes until solid.
When fully frozen, place cubes (different types separately) into processor and blend until frothy.
Spoon into mason jar and enjoy!


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xo, Stay Infinite


  1. Amazing idea! Looks pretty and tasty! I am definitely making some this weekend.

    xo honestly, b.

  2. wow this looks AMAZING! I can't wait to try it! x

  3. Ummm superawesomeanddelish!! Just what I needed :)

  4. Perfect for any hot days we have left. Can't wait to try it!

  5. Oh wow! This looks soooo great! And I bet it's delicious, too! I'll definitely try it out!

  6. Yum! This looks delicious...I'm trying this asap.

  7. Looks yummy
    One question if i am going to add some of the fresh fruits paste as a topping so it will become more better to eat


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