Three Clean Living Skincare Solutions

February 18, 2014

As some of you may know, I have been on a road to switching from store bought chemical filled, to all natural clean living beauty products. I haven't done a clean living post in awhile, but these past few months I have found three really great, natural, clean alternatives to traditional drug store buys. Grape Seed Oil as Eye Makeup Remover, Gelatin as Pore Strips, and  Aloe as Primer.


Grape Seed Oil as Eye Makeup Remover
So long are the days where makeup remover makes your eyes sting and leaves behind that stubborn mascara. Grape Seed Oil removes every last bit of makeup. It also moiustruizies the senstive skin around your eye. With a complete lack of chemicals it does so naturally and delicately. Grape Seed Oil is a by-product of wine making, so if that's not enough to convince you, it is also so much less expensive than store bought makeup remover. And since it is one ingredient there is zero prep time. Just dip an organic cotton ball in and swipe. Perfect.


Gelatin as a Pore Strips
Rather than buying expensive, harsh, pore strips to remove black heads and dead dry winter skin, make your own pore strips using gelatin. Combine one tablespoon of unflavored gelatin with one and a half tablespoons organic milk in small container (disposable preferably). Microwave for 10-15 seconds. Using a popsicle stick or an old makeup brush, apply to problem areas (chin + nose are where black heads most commonly are) avoiding sensitive areas (around the eyes). Be sure to move fast because this stuff congeals very quickly. Let dry for about 15 minutes. Peel off. I followed up by washing my face with my Cranberry Orange Coconut Face Wash to cleanse, a swipe of DIY Rose Water to tone, and a bit of Jojoba Oil to moisturize.


Pure Aloe as Primer
Makeup primer is essential. It keeps your face makeup and eye shadow in place all day. It prevents your skins natural oils and outside elements from making your makeup slide. What's not so great is the chemicals in the store bought stuff. That's where Aloe comes in. I went out and bought a big (and I mean big! This guy was the size of my arm!) organic aloe leaf at a health food store. I scraped the aloe out, put it in a jar with two drops of essential oil and two drops of vitamin E oil (for fragrance and preservation) and now use it as my primer. It lasts about two weeks in the fridge. Now of course, aloe leaves are not always easy to find. Check your local health food stores, and check plant shops for aloe plants, that way you will always have some on hand. Also, if you want to go the quick route, you can buy bottled store bought aloe. It, of course, won't be as pure, just be sure not to buy anything with toxic ingredients, and of course no color or artificial fragrance added.

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  1. I haven't heard of using grape seed oil as makeup remover. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I've been making the switch to natural products for the past couple years. The book No More Dirty Looks is a good one for identifying harsh chemicals and testing out which natural products work and which ones don't.


  3. Great natural stuff. As of last fall, i have been getting more and more into natural skincare products. I use natural honey as a cleanser (so kickass for my teenage acne) and coconut oil to remove makeup. Oil is really THE BEST for removing makeup and some use it to actually cleanse their face. Honey is antibacterial and leaves my face well moisturized, even in the winter. I also use pure aloe vera gel for an extra boost on a blemish or rough spot. I always encourage others to go as natural as possible with their skin. I read somewhere; if you wouldn't swallow it, don't put it on your skin.

  4. I had no idea you could use grape seed oil as eye makeup remover, thanks for sharing all of these wonderful tips! :)

  5. how cool! the aloe thing is a great tip!


  6. I always used jojoba oil for moisturizer and as an eye makeup remover! Great tips for the pore strips :)
    Xx, Tiffany { }


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