OH, Deer! Deer in Headlights Couple Costume for Halloween

November 19, 2015

Deer Costume Makeup Tutorial on juliettelaura.blogspot.com

Deer In Headlights Costume Tutorial on juliettelaura.blogspot.com

I'm really quite into Halloween over here. Past costumes include; a Bjork Inspired Swan Dress, Edie Sedgwick, Cereal Killer. And this year, after a trip to Smolak and realizing that my spirit animal is without a doubt a Deer, and after some pinterest searching, Andrew and I decided on a Deer in Headlights costume! Mainly so I could do the fun makeup. Read on for a Deer Makeup Tutorial and a Headlights costume tutorial!

Quick How To;
The face makeup was surprisingly not too difficult. I primed my skin with Aloe Vera (this acted as a protective barrier and prevented future breakouts). I first started with white halloween face paint makeup. Sponged onto around my eyes, on my eye lids, nose, close to but not quite up to my eyes (I didn't want the makeup too close to my sensitive under eyes). Then I filled in with white eyeliner and put white eyeliner in the waterlines. I set all of this with a translucent powder. Then I put on brown halloween face makeup paint. I sponged this onto my forehead, and around and down to my cheeks, then my collarbone and neck. I set all of this with my regular bronzer. Then I used a darker brown powder (actually powdered liner from Bare Minerals, but a darker bronzer could work as well, or even a matte eye shadow), to fill in my cheek bone hollows, and under my jaw. Then using black eye liner I drew a line up my nose connecting to my eyebrows. I filled in the tip of my nose with black eyeliner, and subtly filled in my eyebrows as well. I lined my eyes at the lashline and also at the crease and connected them in a wing out. Also, a bit under my lower lashline (right where my smile lines are) I lined in black liner. Added white dots on my collar bone, cheeks, and forehead. Black mascara, and fake eyelashes! I had so much fun with this! There are also so many ways to do it. Some girls also fill in their lips, you could just use makeup (sans thick face paint) for a more subtle look, or use even more halloween face paint for an even more intense look. I think setting the face paint with makeup makes a really great finish, that isn't cakey or greasy but still really intense, dewy almost. Also, using thin layers and building up is definitely the way to go. For my hair I used a thin stretchy head band, stuck some sticks in and tucked the front pieces up and under. SO fun! The makeup all came off in layers with grapeseed oil, warm water, and a washcloth (+ a little scrubbing). Already day dreaming about next years costume...
For Andrews costume; He wore a black shirt and I cut white construction paper and attached it with safety pins to his shirt, to be road lines. Then used reflective circles and attached wire to them and then safety pinned those as well. His came together in less than 5 minutes!

What were you this year?

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