Saturday, June 29, 2013


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Seeing Double (1)
Cupcakes from Sweet from my sweet roomie Meg (2)
Brandy Melville Mantra that fit my life to a T during finals (3)
Abby loves colors (5)
Dreamcatcher Nailart (6)
Carrot Cake is too good to not be eaten for breakfast (7)
Perks of Being a Wallflower, (this line really fits the blog!) (9)
Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros Concert (10)
"Green" smoothie (unsweetened vanilla almond milk, banana, kale, spinach, blueberries) (11)
Missing trips to the MFA (12 & 13)
Waking up at 4:30 was so worth it (15)

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Queen of the Field

field queen 1

field queen 2

Some photos that I took of Bridget (this day). She is wearing brown tweed shorts from forever 21, my lace shirt from forever 21 (worn by myself here) and a feather crown she made herself that makes her look like the Queen of the field.

field queen 3

field queen 4

field queen 5

xo, Stay Infinite 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Clean Living; DIY Dry Shampoo

dryshampoodiy 1

If you know me well you will know I hate washing my hair (okay I know that sounds so gross, I still shower, just keep my hair dry!), my curly texture works so much better the second or third (okay.. sometimes fourth) day after washing. However naturally, this makes the oils at my roots work up. That's where dry shampoo comes in! Unfortunately all the store bought ones come in aerosol containers and are laden with chemicals. They literally dry out your hair as opposed to soaking up the oils. Not good! I know a lot of people use baby powder, but that spell is just so not for me. So this DIY Dry Shampoo tutorial fits perfectly into place.

dryshampoodiy 2

For Light Hair;
1/2 cup Corn Starch
2 tablespoons Baking Soda
A few drops of Essential Oil (optional)

Oh and brunettes, hate that chalky dusty look at your roots? This is for you.

For Dark Hair;
1/2 cup Coco Powder
2 tablespoons Corn Starch
A few drops of Essential Oil (optional)
(you may want to work the ratios for a perfect match to your color)

dryshampoodiy 3

Combine your ingrients in a bowl and use a spoon to tranfer them to your contianer.
For a container I re used an old plastic spice container. To get the label off of the container, wrap a vegetable oil soaked papertowel around and let sit  for two hours then scrub off. If you can, use one that held a mild smelling spice (salt!) if not, the best thing to get odors out is shampoo! I used Head and Shoulders Apple scent (okay I know, not clean living appropriate, but I'm working to a clean living life style slowly but surely). I then spray painted the cap grey (it was originally a horrible green color) Using a spice container is perfect because you can just shake it onto your hair! Just sprinkle your dry shampoo on, let sit to soak up the oils and either massage in a bit or comb out. (And remember this is not in place of your regular shampoo!) Perfect for everyday use in between washings and especially wonderful for travel!

dryshampoodiy 4

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Field Dancer

field dancer 1

field dancer 2

field dancer 3

field dancer 4

field dancer 7

field dancer 8

field dancer 9

OOTD; Skirt, Forever 21. Shirt, Forever 21. Necklace; Forever 21. Bracelets, Vintage.

field dancer 10

field dancer 12

Spending these days dancing and twirling in a field eating endless amounts of strawberries. As Bridget and I were capturing these photos it started to sprinkle rain and we kept shooting and then all of a sudden it was pouring and we were drenched, sort of magical being so touched by nature.

xo, Stay Infinite

Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY; Frilly Lace Nail Art

DIY Lace Frill Nails 1

Hello Lovelies! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the above picture.
Today I will show you a DIY; Tutorial on how to do Half Moon Frilly Lace Nail Art.

-Two Nail Polish Colors, I think White and another light color works best. I used and .
-Clear Topcoat and Basecoat
-Toothpick or Nail Art Dotting Tool
-Binder Hole Reinforcement Stickers, I purchased mine at Walmart
but you can find them at anywhere that sells office supplies.

DIY Lace Frill Nails 2

DIY Lace Frill Nails 3

-Paint your nails with your basecoat (always always do this).
-Paint your nails two coats of white. Let dry.
-Put a binder reinforcement sticker at the base of your nail outlining an exaggerated half moon. 
I chose to do this only on my ring, middle, and thumb nail's.
-Paint above the nail with the second color.
-Let dry for about 15 seconds and pull the sticker off. 
I found this is the best length of time to avoid the nail polish running or chipping.
-Using your toothpick or dotting tool make white dots on the line of the half moon. Sort of like a scalloped edge. Let dry.
-Using your toothpick or dotting tool make smaller dots of your second color inside the white dots.
-Let dry and finish with a top coat
-I also decided to paint my pinky finger my second color!

DIY Lace Frill Nails 4

The rings, the daisies, and the eyelet lace dress are all going to be featured in an upcoming outfitpost, so be sure to follow on Bloglovin' and of course Instagram!

xo, Stay Infinite

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Clean Living; DIY Rose Water

Rose Water 1

I was wandering around my yard barefoot cutting wild flowers for the millions of mason jars and antique glass bottles around our house when I came across a bunch of wild rose bushes on the edge of the woods. This gave me a flashback to discovering the Cosmetics "dirty dozen" or "toxic twelve" a list of ingredients in all of our store bought beauty products that have really unfortunate side effects. I have always been a faithful proactiv three step user, swearing by the first two steps, a benzoyl peroxide face wash and the toner. Reading the labels I was grossed out that so many of the ingredients fell on the list of bad ingredients. This and being inspired by Kinsey's clean living series inspired me to check so many of my products (I suggest you do the same!) and to make some changes to my routine. Alright, so looking at the roses gave me an idea, and the idea was to make Rose Water. I knew that Rose Water is commonly used as a natural toner so I decided why not start here and replace my proactiv toner with rose water! I've never been a huge rose fan (if someone got me a dozen red roses for v-day I think I'd end the relationshop right then and there), but something about wild roses has always been so mysterious to me... the beautiful flower with the strongest sweet scent yet with sharp thorns all up the stem. So I picked a basket of the roses and made some! Here is how you make your own Rose Water;

Rose Water 2

Rose Water 3

^little heart shaped petal^

Roses, go for wild if you can, but if you are getting store bought, make sure they are organic.
Medium Sized Pot with Lid
Water (I used about 3 cups)
Jar or other container with lid

Rose Water 4

How To; 
Pull the petals off of your roses. I am not sure exactly how many I used, maybe around 20.
If you are using typical store bought, you will probably only need a dozen. 
Rinse the petals quickly to get any contaminants off. 
Put the petals in a pot and put just enough water in to cover them. I used about three cups. 
Put a cover on your pot (if you don't have a cover, using a plate works just fine). 
Put the pot on the stove on medium high heat and let simmer. 
Let the petals stew until they have lost all of their color and start to deteriorate a little bit.
Spoon the petals out then run the remaining water through a strainer and into your container.

Rose Water 5

I use my rose water in place of my old toner. Just put some on a cotton ball. After I apply my eye makeup right before I apply my face lotion and face makeup. To catch any eye shadow fall and to tone my skin. I also use it immediately when I get out of the shower. Rose Water lasts about two week refrigerated. 

Rose Water 6

I am loving my Rose Water, I am going to be making more clean living products (lotion, face scrub, dry shampoo, lip balm, makeup remover, you name it!) So be sure to check back or follow on Bloglovin' for more! If you have any natural beauty product recipes or tips that you love please let me know in the comments! 

xo, Stay Infinite 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hummingbird Heartbeat

hummingbirdheartbeat 1

I've got that hummingbird heartbeat for you.

hummingbirdheartbeat 2

hummingbirdheartbeat 3

hummingbirdheartbeat 4

OOTD; Shirt, H&M. Shorts, Thrifted and DIY'd. Gladiators, Sam Edelman. Bag, Urban Outfitters. Belt, Thrifted.

hummingbirdheartbeat 5

hummingbirdheartbeat 6

hummingbirdheartbeat 7

hummingbirdheartbeat 8

hummingbirdheartbeat 9

hummingbirdheartbeat 10

hummingbirdheartbeat 11

hummingbirdheartbeat 12

hummingbirdheartbeat 13

hummingbirdheartbeat 14

hummingbirdheartbeat 15

These photos were captured by Bridget.

xo, Stay Infinite