Sponsoring Infinite Style is a wonderful way to promote your blog, shop, or business!
Infinite Style is an ever-growing style, photography, and DIY blog with pageviews of  22,499 a month, and a high of 5,940 a day.

Ad space runs for a month long, on the right sidebar and can be purchased as follows;

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To purchase email me at juliette.laura.jl@gmail.com

Giveaways & Product Reviews;
If you would like to host a giveaway for an additional fee on Infinite Style,
or if you would like to send me a product to be reviewed or to be featured in an outfit post please email me at juliette.laura.jl@gmail.com.

Other Sponsorship Inquiries;
If you would like to inquire about three month sponsorship deals, or anything else please email me at juliette.laura.jl@gmail.com.

Need an Ad Design?
If you do not already have an ad design and you would like one custom made, email me at juliette.laura.jl@gmail.com.

*Infinite Style is a for-profit blog (why not earn a bit while doing something that I love?)
I accept and promote sponsorship as long as it fits the aesthetic of Infinite Style.

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