Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sarah // Film Portraits

Sarah Film 1

Sarah Film 2

Some quick film portraits I took last year of my beautiful friend Sarah.
(Other film portraits I have shot and shared; Ashleigh, Jenny)


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Still Cold


(Outfit Details; Fur Coat, H&M. Leggings, American Apparel. Top, H&M. Boots, H&M.) 













It may be spring now, but it is still cold here in Boston.
Photos by my love Katrina Gaddis, expect a lot more of her photography of me on here.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Clean Living DIY // All Natural Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

coconut flakes 1

What You'll Need;
One Coconut
Food Processor (or grater)
Food Dehydrator

What to Do;
Crack open the coconut.
Use a sharp knife to cut the meat out.
Scrape the brown meat off of the white meat.
Grate the white meat of the coconut in a food processor
(or with a hand grater, but a food processor is much easier).
Place the shreds in the food processor and dehydrate between 105-115 F for 4-6 hours.

coconut flakes 2

coconut flakes 3


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jennifer // Film Portraits





A few more Film Portraits from a year ago, this time of my friend Jennifer.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Black and White Film Photographs

portfolio 1

portfolio 2

portfolio 3

portfolio 4

portfolio 5

portfolio 6

portfolio 7

portfolio 8

portfolio 9

portfolio 10

portfolio 11

portfolio 12

portfolio 13

portfolio 14

portfolio 15

portfolio 16

As I am sure you noticed, I have started to post a lot of Black and White Film Photographs lately. I took a film course last spring semester (a year ago!) and my professor had lost my portfolio over the summer. He recently found it so I have scanned the prints that I made in the dark room. I did a few sets of portraits (Ashleigh's here and more to come!). Another half of the course was to pick a place and return every week to shoot a few rolls of film. I wandered around one day and stumbled upon a beautiful set of twisting alleys. (This is where I take a lot of my outfit photos!) The alleys have such character, such intricate yet decaying architecture. Spiraling rusting gates and chipped gargoyles. They are also filled with trash. I find this to be a sort of unconventional beauty. I spent an entire semester taking rolls and rolls of film in these alleys. I spent a lot of time going through my contact sheets choosing which ones to print and which ones to include in my portfolio. These are the sixteen photos that I chose (maybe you notice that each set of two sort of have a theme?). I absolutely love shooting film and making dark room prints. I think that to be a  successful photographer it is important to learn how to shoot in analog with film. I'm definitely going to start to share more of my film work on the blog, I have a few more film portrait sets to share so be sure to follow on Bloglovin' !


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Velvet Underground

velvet 1

(Outfit Details; Sweater, H&M. Velvet Leggings, H&M. Shoes, Target. Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Necklace, coming soon to Shop Infinite Style Etsy. Sea Glass Eye, DIY. Quartz Necklace, (local boutique) Liquid Sunshine.)

velvet 2

velvet 3

velvet 4

velvet 5

velvet 6

velvet 7

velvet 8

velvet 9

Definitely going through an addiction to velvet, I can't stop wearing these black velvet leggings. Also loving layering necklaces (wire wrapped sea glass necklaces up on the Etsy shop soon!), and can't get enough of these cut out boots.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ashleigh // Film Portraits











Some film portraits I shot of Ashleigh (you may recognize her from this post and this post) last April (so long ago! My professor had misplaced my portfolio, but recently found it). I absolutely adore shooting black and white film and making prints in the dark room. I have more film photos to share, so be sure to check back or follow on Bloglovin' to see more of my photography!