Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Secret Garden

Secret Garden 1

(Details; Dress, Brandy Melville. Slip, Vintage. Bralette, Aerie.  Rings, Brandy Melville. Head Chain, Shop Infinite Style.)

Secret Garden 2

Secret Garden 3

Secret Garden 4

Secret Garden 5

Secret Garden 6

Secret Garden 7

Secret Garden 8

Secret Garden 9

Secret Garden 10

Secret Garden 11

Secret Garden 12

Secret Garden 13

Although I adore living in the city, I sometimes miss the serenity of the country, having an entire field to myself to romp through. Living in Boston I love finding little secret places where the noises of the city fade away and there isn't a person in sight. From my little alley ways (featured extensively on the blog, some of my favorites from this spot; here, here, and here), hidden corners of public gardens (here and here), and now this spot. Behind a giant willow tree in the park, surrounded by reeds. I'm sure homeless people sleep here at night, but during the day sunlight shines through the leaves, and the nature in the city shows (I even saw a bunny!). (Photos from early September, that I found on my hard drive)



  1. What beautiful pictures!! I bet living in the city is quite different...and much louder than the country. But it looks like you found a nice place for these pics!

  2. Gorgeous hair. Gorgeous outfit. Gorgeous everything!


  3. Beautiful photos dear :)

  4. a pop of lace! Great way of showing femininity!

  5. What wonderfully beautiful photos. i love the way the distant light plays on your hair and skin. Its nice to see these breezy photos when its cold. I dearly love winter but I'm missing light flowery dresses in warm wind. Thanks for sharing. Just found you blog and i love it. I'll be back :)

  6. omg beautiful pictures! I wish I can enjoy that weather right now, it's -27C here today... love the pick lace bralette you have on here, so feminie!

  7. lovely pictures.
    thks for sharing


  8. I love all of your Brandy dresses! They are my favorite too.


  9. Hi lovely pics I do love that slip. Wonders if ya would be willing to sell. I'd love to save it from going to its end so beautiful

    1. Hi! Thank you! However, I still wear it very frequently so I am not looking to sell.