Monday, September 30, 2013

Hearts on Fire Diamonds // Boston Blogger Event


This past Thursday I attended the Hearts on Fire, Jewelry Showing, blogger event here in Boston. The evening was full of wine, cheese, and of course luxurious diamonds. I met some wonderful Boston Bloggers, the Hearts on Fire team, and the designer, Ilaria Lanzoni. Hearts on Fire is a beautiful luxury diamond jewelry brand with stunning pieces for every occasion. They pride themselves on having the "world's most perfectly cut diamond", and I couldn't agree more, the diamonds were so captivating as they sparkled in the light. A wonderful evening.





Outfit Details; Bralette, Brandy Melville. Top, Forever 21 + DIY. Handbag, H&M. After being online friends for months, Angela of Instant Milk and I finally met. She took the above photos of me. It was so wonderful turning a blogger friendship into a real life friendship.


The beautiful designer Ilaria Lanzoni, from Italy, came to Hearts on Fire a few years ago, and breathed new life into the brand. Her designs are fresh, inspiring, and versatile. I fell in love with ever single piece of the collection. The rest of the hearts on fire team is just as charismatic. The brand is full of creative and beautiful women. This reflects in the incredible collections and pieces they put out.  


Boston Bloggers with the Ilaria and all of our favorite rings.




; Lorelei Floral Engagement Ring and Lorelei Floral Diamond Band.

HOF Signature Diamond Band and  Optima Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring


; Lorelei Diamond Right Hand Ring

This ring was one of my absolute Favorites, after talking to Ilaria, I found her inspiration for this piece was capturing the essence of lace and simplifying it. Truly beautiful.



; Lorelei Collar

This couture necklace is to-die for.


; Copley Bracelet




;  Lorelei Bracelet, Lorelei Bow Bracelet, Copley Love Bracelet.



Thank you again to the entire Hearts On Fire team for inviting me to this event. It was such a beautiful evening and an honor meet you all! Looking forward to working together in the future!

xo, Stay Infinite

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Over It All

Hello Lovelies! These photos are from my camping trip to Baxter State Park in July. I kept the outfit simple, because I wore this for a day of canoeing and kayaking (as well as some short scenic hikes). I am still in love with overalls and so excited about the different ways to wear them throughout the fall. Outfit Details; Overalls, Walmart. Shirt, HM. Bangles, my mums vintage. Feather Bracelet, Threadsence. Leather Cord and Metal Tube Bracelet, DIY.








Links I Love;
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I want a sewing machine so SO badly, and I have my eye on this one.
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xo, Stay Infinite

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweet Caroline











Hello Lovelies! I have never been a big sports fan, but the other weekend I went to my first ever baseball game. It was a Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees game, and Boston won! I went with my friend Sarah, and it was seriously a wonderful experience. Not only because we got the tickets for free from a relative of hers, we were sitting so close, it was an exciting game, and our team won, but also because Sarah was seriously the best person to go with. I learned so much about the game and the history of the Red Sox from her, it was incredible. The atmosphere in the stadium is unreal, from the sounds of people cheering and the music, to the smells of hot dogs, beer, sweat, ice cream, baseball all together, to the friendly people all around. I'm also obsessed with the view of the moon and the view of the Pru. Oh and the best part was probably the ice cream I got in a little Red Sox hat. What is your favorite sporting event to go to?

xo, Stay Infinite

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Equinox // Braided Crown Hair Tutorial & Recap of Summer Goals


Hello Lovelies! The Fall Equinox was yesterday, and that means the official end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. Autumn might just be my favorite season. The weather is warm without being hot, and cool without being cold, perfect for light layers, over the knee socks, boots, and shorts / skirts with long sleeves on top. The sunlight and the colors of the season are warm, moody, and earthy. The air smells and feels different. The food is delicious, from apples to pumpkins to cinnamon. Change is in the air, a feeling of productivity and motivation. Basically, I couldn't be more excited about this season.



Here I am wearing a shirt from ages ago from HM, and a braided crown around my head. This braided crown is honestly super simple. It is perfect for those Indian Summer days when it is too warm to wear your hair down. Starting behind your ear, french braid up across the top then around and behind your head. French braid by tucking under rather than over to make the braid more prominent. When you reach the end finish with a regular braid. Secure with a clear elastic. Place on top of your head behind the french braid and secure with bobby pins. And you are done!



Some of you may remember my Summer Goals post in May where I outlined my goals for the season. I was in front of my wall of dried flowers, at the time there were only 10 bunches of flowers. There are now 25. It is clear that I spent so much of my summer outside picking wildflowers. Here is a recap of how my Summer Goals went;

Fitness; This was a success. I ran and did my abs work outs 5 days a week! I did
Yoga sporadically because I never found a studio or online
program I loved. But being back in Boston I am excited to
start my twice weekly classes again.
Intellect; This was a success as well. I read The Beautiful and Damned (so beautiful,
I will forever love Fitzgerald), Schindlers List (I don't think
I have ever cried so much, a must read), The Host (I have
never read such a captivating book. All 600 pages in 5 days.
Incredible from start to finish.), The Perks of Being a Wallflower
 (so wonderful, full of quirky quotes and life lessons), Breakfast
at Tiffany's (lovely, however I prefer the Audrey Hepburn version).
I reread the Harry Potter Series (yes. for the 14th time). And I taught
myself the sign language alphabet.
Personal; Another success. Yes I do my mantras and affirmations. Yes I am on the
wonderful journey to a clean life style. View those posts here.
Infinite Style; I completely redid my layout. And I opened up my Etsy Shop. 
Shop Infinite Style here! Both successes!

There honestly is not much more satisfying that completing all of your goals. If you set Summer goals, how did they go?

xo, Stay Infinite 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Two Chocolate Desserts


It is no secret whatsoever that I absolutely adore dessert with one hundred percent of my soul. Chocolate is one sweet craving that I can't satisfy by just eating a piece of fruit. Here are my two favorite chocolate dessert recipes, one healthy, and one not so much, but way too perfect to pass up. The Raw Brownie, and Guinness Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

The Raw Brownie (My New Roots)
My New Roots does it again! Sarah claims this brownie is life changing, and it really is. It is raw and made with 5 ingredients. And no. Flour, Butter, Chocolate, Sugar and Oil are not any of them. Quite the opposite actually; Medjool Dates, Raw Walnuts, Raw Almonds, Cacoa, and Sea Salt. These brownies make the perfect dessert or post workout snack! They sort of taste like a Luna Bar or a Balance Bar, but worlds better. They are the perfect substitute for unhealthy brownies. Try these. Seriously. 




Chocolate Guinness Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (Bleubird Vintage)
I'll start this by saying I absolutely hate beer. Even the thought of it makes me feel sick. But this cake, as James claims, is something you need in your life. It is honestly the best Chocolate Cake I have ever had. Ever. It is soft, deep in flavor, and oh so delicious. The cream cheese frosting is also absolutely divine! It is so perfect without being overly sweet like the store bought canned stuff. Make this. You'll be happy you did. 




Be sure to check out my DIY; Healthy Chocolate Blender Ice Cream as well! What are your favorite chocolate desserts?

And follow Infinite Style on Bloglovin' for more healthy recipes!

xo, Stay Infinite