September 7, 2013

My life lately through Instagram;

juliettelaura on Instagram 1

juliettelaura on Instagram 3

(Flowers on my nails using variations of this tutorial)

juliettelaura on Instagram 2

juliettelaura on Instagram 4

(Anyone else match their nails to their food??)

juliettelaura on Instagram 5

juliettelaura on Instagram 6

("green" smoothie recipe from this post.)

juliettelaura on Instagram 7

(Obsessing over these straws from this post from Target.)
juliettelaura on Instagram 8

(Throwback to fireworks at the Eiffel Tower last summer in Paris for Bastille Day.)

juliettelaura on Instagram 9

(The best pasta with fresh local ingredients from lunch with NeeNee.)

juliettelaura on Instagram 10

(Location for one session of Lucy's Senior Photos.)

juliettelaura on Instagram 11

juliettelaura on Instagram 12

(Accidental handwash ombre.)

juliettelaura on Instagram 13

(Am I the only one who comes back from runs with birch bark and wildflowers?)

Hello lovelies! Sorry my posts have been so scattered these past two weeks, and I haven't been able to stick to my every-other-day post routine. I am transitioning back into college life in Boston and it is busy busy! With classes, leadership roles, homework, social life, etc. But bare with me, I have so many wonderful posts planned! So be sure to check back or follow on Bloglovin'! And of course follow along on Instagram, username; juliettelaura

xo, Stay Infinite


  1. I LOVE the second nail design! Do you think you could do a tutorial on it?? :)

    1. Thanks Emily! The tutorial that I linked to is one I did in like, May. It's pretty much the same thing, but with different colors (and accent colored nails), and my ring finger has a flower at the cuticle. But if you click through to that tutorial it should help!

  2. what lovely photos for a saturday morning : )

  3. Those sunflower nails are incredible!

  4. Great nail designs!


  5. I like that the first two nail art shots kind of look like paintings. :)


  6. Great pictures, love the sunflower manicure so much!
    Would you like to follow each other dear?

    Color me RED
    Color me RED on Facebook

  7. AMAZING nails, love those sunflowers!!!

  8. OMG I love those straws. I want them. And that pasta looks really, really good. Did you guys just saute them and add noodles and cheese? Mmmmm.

    1. Thank you! And it was actually out at a restaurant, it was angel hair pasta with white wine butter garlic sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh local tomatoes and green beans!

  9. that pasta looks delicious!!! and yaa I'm into making smoothies right now too, haha

  10. Such lovely pictures!! I love the nail art!

    Check out my blog and follow if you like! :)

    Deepti x


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