Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY; Water Marble Nail Art

As mentioned here is my DIY tutorial for water marble nail art;

water marble 1

-Nail Polish, two or three good quality colors, white, base coat, and top coat
-Small cup or bowl (or shot glass.. hehe) of warm water
-Cotton tips
-Nail Polish Remover

water marble 2

Step One;
Paint your nails with a base coat. Then two coats of white.

water marble 3

Step Two;
Tape aorund your finger, the sides, top, and bottom.

water marble 4

Step Three;
Make sure the polish caps are unscrewed. In the cup of warm water, put one drop of nail polish. The polish should spread out a lot. If it does not try a different color. Good quality polish works best, I used Sephora and Essie. Put in drops alternating colors.

water marble 5

Step Four;
Quickly take a toothpick and make a swirling design. 

water marble 6

Step Five;
Put your finger in the polish (make sure it's in a spot with a good pattern!) and into the water, wait for 10 seconds.

water marble 7

water marble 9

Step Six;
Before you pull your finger out, grab the polish off the surface of the water with a cotton tip or a toothpick.

water marble 8

water marble 10
Step Seven;
Pull your finger out and peel off the tape.

water marble 12

Step Eight;
Repeat for the rest of your fingers!

water marble 11

Step Nine;
Clean up your cuticles.

water marble 13

Step Ten;
Finish with a topcoat!
I know these aren't perfect, but keep in mind, this was my first try!

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  1. I love this! The color polish combination is perfect and it came out great!

  2. cool :)

    A chic kiss ;)

  3. I've tried this before and it didn't come out nearly as good as yours! Maybe I'll try again!

  4. love this color and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  5. Wow, for a moment I thought this may be too messy, but after seeing your pictures. It seems, pretty simple. Cool designs, too.

  6. oh wow - I never try anything like that !! Love these posts inspiring


  7. I've never been brave enough to try this! But i think it's awesome. Such a fun alternative and an easy way to get a design.

  8. This is SO cool, I definitely want to try it !!!!

  9. great ideia is very very artistic! *_*

  10. It looks so cool but also a bit complicated <3


  11. Omg this is so awesome! Never seen it before. Thanks for sharing big time! :) xx

  12. Great tutorial. I love the result, especially the color combination you use.

  13. Wow that is difficult for me to try but very nice and different!

  14. That so cool idea even though it is bit messy. :) xx

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