Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Pt.2

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family, friends, the beauty in the world, and of course, food.
Thanksgiving morning I glanced out my window, and in the field the sun was shining through the ice that was on all of the plants, so I grabbed my camera and ran outside. The pumpkin heart pie is a yearly tradition, my friend Eliza, every year for the past 4 years has brought us a pie for Thanksgiving. The other pies (and Oreo cheesecake) were made by my Dad and Nini.





Pie 2

Pie 1



Before dinner as the sun was going down, Maryam and I ran outside to catch the last light. 


Thanksgiving 2
Captured by Maryam

Thanksgiving 3
Captured by Maryam

Thankgiving 4

Thanksgiving 5

Thanksgiving 6
Captured by Maryam

Thanksgiving 7

Thanksgiving 8
Captured by Maryam

Thanksgiving 9
Captured by Maryam

Thanksgiving 10

Thanksgiving 11

Thanksgiving 12
Captured by Maryam

Thanksgiving 13
Captured by Maryam

Thanksgiving 14

Captured by Maryam

Thanksgiving 15

Thanksgiving 16

Thanksgiving 17
Captured by Maryam

Thanksgiving 18

I wore a black open back shirt that I studded my self, burgundy pants from HM, and black boots from Nine West. Maryam wore a thrifted deep orange knit, navy corduroys, and patterned boots.


Thursday, November 22, 2012


Early October, my beautiful roommate Jenny and I headed to the park for a Saturday afternoon. It was our first time in the park filled with geese, and leaves beginning to change. We stumbled upon our schools soccer game, and sat and watched for awhile. The perfect way to de-stress from a busy school week.

jenny 1

jenny 2


geese 2

jenny 3

jenny 4


jenny 5


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

She Said I Think I'll Go To Boston

My first fall in Boston, and it is so beautiful. Despite being so busy with schoolwork, sometimes, on days like these I escape it all and enjoy being in the city. These were taken mid October when Bridget came from New York to visit me for the weekend. We roamed the park then headed over to Newbury Street for some shopping.

fall in the city
captured by Bridget

fall in the city 2

fall in the city 3

fall in the city 4
Captured by Bridget

fall in the city 5
Captured by Bridget

fall in the city 6
Captured by Bridget

fall in the city 7
Captured by Bridget

fall in the city 9
Captured by Bridget

fall in the city 10
Captured by Bridget

fall in the city 11
Captured by Bridget

fall in the city 12

I'm wearing Sam Edelman gladiators, an oversized white chiffon shirt that I studded myself, and black dress from HM. Bridget is wearing silver lace shorts, a white peplum, and a statement necklace.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Let's Go Somewhere For The Summer; Maine Pt.4

Sand Beach, Acadia State Park, Maine. My favorite beach in the world, the sand is pink, made of crushed shells. The water is the brightest blue for the east coast, and the rocks were made for climbing.